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Meet the customer demands of today and tomorrow no matter where in the world you operate.

Today, consulting and information technology (IT) services companies operate in a commercial environment defined by dispersed operations, amplified customer and employee expectations, and increased security needs. With these trends come an imperative to move faster, realize maximum value across all commercial activities, and proactively track customer obligations and fulfillment.

Advanced contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology is critical to meeting these demands. From master service agreements (MSAs), to statements of work (SOWs), to engagement letters (ELs), contracts define how consulting and IT services organizations run. AI-powered CLM enables these companies to structure and connect this critical business information so they can stay out in front. This pushes beyond contract management and into contract intelligence.

Download our guide to contract intelligence for consulting and IT services to learn how industry leaders have used Icertis Contract Intelligence to achieve:

  • 40% reduction in contract turnaround time
  • 100% visibility into all customer obligations
  • 50% reduction in contract administration costs

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