Five Ways to Increase Supply Chain Diversity and Compliance


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Recent incidents in the US, and the globe, have brought supplier diversity initiatives back into the forefront for socially conscious businesses. Apart from the 'seen' social impact, diversity initiatives can have a tremendous 'unseen' commercial impact on businesses, aiding the development of resilient and agile supply chains by expanding the supplier base.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) has emerged as a critical technology for businesses embracing diversity initiatives. All supplier relationships are managed through contracts, and advanced CLM technology can deliver unmatched visibility into the make-up of a company's supplier portfolios to track supplier diversity initiatives and ensure they succeed.

In this whitepaper, we highlight five strategies companies can deploy using contract intelligence to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into every aspect of the business and maximize social and commercial impact.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Diversity policies and tracking mechanisms are key
  • Contracts should be at the heart of supplier diversity
  • Utilize data to showcase diversity success

Key Takeaways from This Whitepaper:

  • How to better define supplier diversity policies and metrics
  • How to gain visibility into diversity compliance and commitments
  • How to better react to fast-changing market conditions

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